Our Story


Founded in 2009 in the most eccentric neighborhood of Eugene, Oregon, the most free-spirited city in a state known for innovation, Hop Valley Brewing proudly embraces the influences of our counter-culture surroundings in the crafting of refreshingly different beers. From the first sip, there is no mistaking Hop Valley was born in a state rich in brewing heritage, high-quality hops and creativity.


The Brewer's Nano Series

A small batch research and development system designed to promote and develop the production brewers at the Eugene production facility.

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Beer for a good Cause

Since our humble beginnings, our vision has always been to do more than just brew beer that tastes good; we want to brew beer that's for good. For good people. For good cause. For good organizations.

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Brewmaster's Couch

What do you know about Hop Valley Beer? Did you know, for example, that it takes one big damned Hop Valley beer to weigh a ton? True story.

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