Brewed in Oregon with Cascade Hops



Welcome Home, Hank!

There’s over 160 years of Oregon beer history packed into this can. It all started way back in 1856, when a young German named Henry Weinhard opened the first brewery on the West Coast, and chose Portland, Oregon for its home location. In doing this, Henry helped lay the groundwork for generations of brewers to come, and has since grown to achieve legendary status as a household name with beer lovers throughout the West.

Hop Valley is proud to carry on the Henry Weinhard’s legacy by bringing what was once one of the most celebrated beers in the Northwest back to its Oregon roots. Private Reserve is brewed exclusively in Oregon, using 100% Cascade hops. Just as the original recipe called for.

Cheers to you, Hank.

The Beer

Henry Weinhard’s Private Reserve is brewed with the Pacific Northwest’s finest ingredients, making every effort to follow traditional methods as practiced by Henry Weinhard. We offer this beer with the same pride Henry had in the beer that he served over a century ago.

Hops: Cascade hops

Malts: North American Select Pale Malt

ABV: 4.7%

A Legendary History


An Oregon Original is Back