Eugene pub map

990 W 1st Ave Eugene, OR 97402

Mon - Sat 11:30AM - 9PM
Sunday 11:30AM - 8PM


We enjoy people, and we enjoy people drinking our beer. And if they are enjoying our beer, we enjoy that even more.

If there’s one thing better than good beer and good food, it’s a good beer place with a good food place attached to it.

The Tasting room at Hop Valley Eugene serves up a warm, relaxed environment where you can enjoy the company of your friends, family, and one or more of our 24+ beers on tap.

Have a little snack. Watch a game on our giant projector screen. When the weather’s fine, bring your furry four-legged friends and hang out on our patio.

When, or if, you are ready to go home, we can even fill a growler for you so you can head home with a bit of the Hop Valley. We are extremely tasteful, generally well-mannered, and don’t cause a lot of trouble if consumed in moderation.

Interested in seeing what goes on behind the scenes? Simply call or email us! We can host your big party too! Click the Barrel Room button above to reserve a date!