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Brewmaster Brandon, Trevor, and Patty on a couch

Rainbowed Hop


Beer talk

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What do you know about Hop Valley Beer? Did you know, for example, that it takes one big damned Hop Valley beer to weigh a ton? True story. We didn’t learn that by watching our own brewing geniuses, Brandon, Patty and Trevor, lounge around on some pseudo-psychedelic sofa discussing our most popular beers. We knew that already. But we did learn a lot more about our beers and got to listen to some witty “repartee.” And you can too.



Pineapple Stash House

ABV: 6.7

IBUs: 31

"Dank resin from the Cryo Hops®, kind of like an overripe fruit kinda thing…"

Bubble Stash

ABV: 6.2

IBUs: 45

Starting Gravity: 13.9

Serving Temp: 42

Body: Medium

Color: Pale

"straight tropical and then into a little bit of citrus character"

Citrus Mistress

ABV: 6.5

IBUs: 80

Starting Gravity: 14.5

Serving Temp: 40-50

Body: Medium Light

Color: Burnt Orange

"The concept was not to have a flagship … just brew a lot of different beers that we liked drinking"


ABV: 7.2

IBUs: 90

Starting Gravity: 16.5

Serving Temp: 45-55

Body: Medium

Color: Light Copper