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Tasting Room

We enjoy people, and we enjoy people enjoying beer.  And if they are enjoying our beer, we enjoy that even more.

What’s not to like about a place in a brewery called a Tasting Room? The Tasting Room at Hop Valley Eugene offers a relaxed environment where you can enjoy the company of friends and one of our 25 beers on tap.


Have a little snack. Watch a game played with balls of all sizes on our 12ft Projection Screen TV. If the weather’s nice, we’ll even roll up the garage doors so you can spill outside onto our huge patio where you can enjoy the sun or shade yourself under the hops growing overhead.


When, or if, you are ready to go home, we can even fill a growler for you so you can take a little bit of Hop Valley with you. We are generally well mannered, and don’t cause much trouble if consumed in moderation.


Interested in seeing what goes on behind the scenes? You can call or email us to schedule a group brewery tour.


Phone: 541-485-2337 Extension 4


Looking for a place to accommodate a large private party? Email and ask about our Barrel Room.