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From the colorful and wildly experimental mind of Hop Valley’s Patrick Whiting comes this refreshingly different package of our hazy favorites. Lovers of Patty’s other Hop Valley creations, from our Stash series (Bubble Stash, Cryo Stash, Stash Panda), to Citrus Mistress will go crazy over these hazys! See you in the clouds!

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Enjoy the tropical bouquet of this island inspired delight. Generous heaps of pineapple were added to the fermenter to create harmony with Simcoe Cryo Hops®.

A damn trash panda got into our Stash of Cryo Hops®… and STASH PANDA was born! This Hazy IPA features Citra Cryo Hops® and a hefty helping of grapefruit peel, giving this bright, hazy tropical ale an unmasked citrus flavor & aroma.

Stash Bandicoot packs a punch with our stash of Citra®, Ahtanum®, and Chinook Cryo Hops®. Discover a juicy jungle with notes of apricots and red berries in this Hazy Imperial IPA made for your belly.