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Take a ride on the West Side with our West Coaster IPA Variety Pack featuring four IPA favorites, each delivering a citrusy slam of bittering hop bite to your dome in a way that only a PacNW IPA can pack. In the battle of the beers, these wild and wet classics will remind you how the west was won.

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Big Smile is brewed with a simple malt platform to showcase the generous use of Citra® Cryo Hops®. A portion of proceeds benefits the Cole Parker Randall Foundation.

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Munich malts pair with Pacific Northwest and Southern Hemisphere hops to deliver a medium maltiness with a piney citrus bouquet in this quintessential example of what hop country has to offer. Alphadelic IPA. True Northwest.

Munich malt, 4 different hops and grapefruit peel combine to create this IPA featuring a classic burnt orange color with bouquet of citrus, peach and tropical fruits.

Big flavor, intense pine and citrus aroma dominate this brew. We keep the malt profile clean in this imperial IPA to let the love lights shine on the fine Northwest Hops.