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Well Red. A Fresh Northwest-Style American Red Ale from Hop Valley.

Right down the middle.

Sounds boring, doesn’t it? But what if it’s a tightrope act? On a unicycle. Blindfolded. Above a pit of angry vipers. Now right down the middle seems pretty darn exciting.

Hop Valley’s Red Ale is like that. Balanced, yet bold. Composed, yet unconventional. Medium body in the glass and on the palate. An inviting, medium aroma that pleases the senses. Medium on the hop bitterness and flavor, balanced perfectly with a complimentary malt character. Add in some dry hop action after fermentation and the result is a fresh take on the classic red ale.

The next time you’re feeling a bit in-between and you want the deep flavor of a darker ale combined with the brisk hoppy finish of a lighter beer, Hop Valley’s Red Ale is the perfect match. Goes great with gatherings and pairs well with more intense foods, from venison to rich, savory sauces.

Hop Valley’s Red Ale. How right down the middle becomes a sensation.