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The Refreshing End of the Stick

It’s hot at Hop Valley headquarters. Like blazing, scorching, record-breaking hot. But we’re coping thanks to beer. And popsicles. Okay, beer popsicles.

In honor of #IPAday and beating the summertime heat, check out this recipe for some refreshingly frosty frozen concoctions featuring our delightfully tangy Citrus Mistress IPA. Perfect for chilling out and cooling down, these popsicles combine the invigorating punch of fresh grapefruit juice with a bit of sugar and a generous portion of tasty craft beer.

Oh, and even though popsicles were invented by an 11-year-old (seriously!) more than 100 years ago, these obviously aren’t for kids, so keep ‘em on ice in the 21-and-over section.

Hoppy #IPAday and hoppy summer everyone!