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Seeing Double

As Hop Valley’s longest-running production beer, Alphadelic holds a special place in the hearts and pint glasses of IPA aficionados throughout the Northwest and beyond. With a classic selection of locally-grown hops and water from the clean and cold McKenzie River, Alphadelic is a bold, forward beer brewed by hop lovers for hop lovers.

Doubledelic Imperial IPA—Hop Valley’s latest creation—takes all the classic ingredients of Alphadelic and doubles down. On the hops, on the floral notes, on the citrus flavors, on the piney resin and on the balanced malt backbone. The result is a confident and assertive IPA that delivers remarkable balance with a crisp, refreshing aroma and plenty of hop bite.

The next time you’re in need of a beer that just has more, double down with Hop Valley Doubledelic Imperial IPA.

Hop Valley Doubledelic Imperial IPA

9.6% ABV and 96 IBUs