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Reveal Your True Colors? How About Platinum?

Starting from a “Wouldn’t it be cool if?” conversation in a local bar, Hop Valley’s Reveal Pale Ale came to represent community, character and a darn fine beer.

Reveal’s strength lies in its origins, where community leaders, bar owners from across the West Coast and beer professionals came together to create something unique and delicious that celebrates the true colors in all of us. Reveal also commends giving back and where—from day one—a portion of proceeds from every drop of Reveal beer and from every thread of Reveal clothing has supported Pride Foundation and the Queens of the Castro organization.

As Reveal was unveiled throughout the states of Oregon, Washington and California last summer, we made sure the folks behind Hop Valley’s branding and marketing (Eugene-based AHM Brands) were there to capture video footage and interview fans, random revelers and members of the collaboration team about what Reveal means to them.

The result was a 2-minute video that not only captured the Reveal story, but also earned a prestigious first-place 2018 Platinum Award in the AVA Digital Awards (short-form web video category) hosted and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP).

Check out the award-winning video here, and relive the Reveal summer of love while celebrating the true colors in all of us!