Ales & Lagers: An Upstart Conquers the World

Humans have been drinking ale beer for centuries. It’s what those civilizations in Mesopotamia and Egypt were brewing thousands of years ago. Compared to ales, lagers are the young upstart. And their invention was quite by accident.  Bavarian brewers in the Middle Ages noticed that the product they brewed in the fall and stored over-winter in cold caves underwent a very slow, more extensive... Read More

Chili that Stands Stout

Extra depth? Check. Richer flavor? Check. “Secret” ingredient? Check. Baby, it’s cold outside and there are few better ways to combat those frosty days than fighting chilly with chili. Cooked low and slow with plenty of spice, chili is one of the hallmark comfort foods of the winter season. We crafted this version with a special surprise element: our own Secret Chief Stout. A full bottle... Read More

Civil Ale: the Valedictorian of the Craft Class.

As lovers of everything about craft beer, we’re fortunate in Oregon to have one of the state’s flagship universities solidly in our corner. Oregon State University’s Fermentation Science program is one of the only programs of its type in the nation and helps prepare students for careers dedicated to the art and science of using microorganisms to craft beer, wine, cheese, yogurt and other... Read More

For Those in the Know: Secret Chief

Who (or what) are the Secret Chiefs? Are they mystical, transcendent powers helping to guide the functioning of the universe, passing their wisdom, knowledge and enlightenment to the chosen few? Are they pure energy existing in a higher realm, or do they walk among us? Like other matters of the esoteric, it may forever remain a mystery. What isn’t a mystery is Hop Valley’s newest release... Read More

Ski. Snowboard. Snowshoe. Festeroo.

Some people put away their beer glasses about the same time they put away their swim suit, their flip-flops and their sunscreen. This is a mistake. Great beer happens all year round. For proof, just pick up Hop Valley’s Festeroo Winter Ale. Brewed in the Winter Warmer tradition, Festeroo is an English-style old ale brewed with a slightly spicy combination of malts and hops. Originally,... Read More

Well Red. A Fresh Northwest-Style American Red Ale from Hop Valley.

Right down the middle. Sounds boring, doesn’t it? But what if it’s a tightrope act? On a unicycle. Blindfolded. Above a pit of angry vipers. Now right down the middle seems pretty darn exciting. Hop Valley’s Red Ale is like that. Balanced, yet bold. Composed, yet unconventional. Medium body in the glass and on the palate. An inviting, medium aroma that pleases the senses. Medium on the hop... Read More

Macho Libre: Taste the Freedom

Roughly translated as “free man” in Spanish, Hop Valley’s Macho Libre will leave you feeling decidedly liberated. Taking inspiration from the colorful and entertaining world of Mexico’s lucha libre (“free fight”) wrestling tradition, Macho Libre hits your taste buds like a powerslam move from the top rope.  The brewers use a tag-team of hops to take on the malt, resulting in complex... Read More

Hop to Hop annual 10K walk/run 2016 – a smashing success

Despite some wet weather on Sunday, October 16th, hundreds of colorful runners and walkers brightened up the streets of Springfield and Eugene this weekend as they raised money and awareness for the fight against breast cancer. Our annual Hop to Hop fundraiser – a 10K walk/run benefiting our local chapter of the American Cancer Society – takes place every October in honor of Breast... Read More

We can’t keep a secret. Secret Chief Stout will be available in six pack bottles.

It’s not really a secret. Hop Valley Brewing is going to bottle Secret Chief Stout. The label has passed inspection and revision. It’s ready for the bottling line in Eugene. Keep an eye out for it. We’ll report more when bottling commences. For now, you’ll have to swing in our tasting rooms in Eugene and Springfield for a taste. Description: A new rendition of our American... Read More

Hop Valley’s fundraiser for Luvable Dog Rescue a success!

Liesl Wilhardt, Founder and Executive Director at Luvable Dog Rescue sent us this nice note: “We would like to give a big THANK YOU to Hop Valley Brewing for hosting a wonderful fundraiser for our dogs! We received an incredible $505 dollars in donations from beer sales – we are so very grateful to our community for your support of us and our dogs.” From the looks of it,... Read More

Help out with the American Cancer Society’s Hop to Hop from anywhere

  Click here for sign-up and donation information for the Hop to Hop event. If you can’t make it you can still... Read More

Brenda Webber, Senior Manager for the American Cancer Society, talks Hop to Hop

For the past two years, rain or shine, hundreds of participants have gathered in the streets for Hop to Hop – a 10K walk/run, benefitting the Eugene/Springfield Chapter of the American Cancer Society. But this is no ordinary walk/run. This 10K includes costumes, beer, BBQ and even a pit stop at The Cooler along the course. It is one of the most fun events we host each year and we want to share... Read More