Two Paws Up for Luvable Dog Rescue

Hop Valley’s recent Hops for Hounds fundraising event for Eugene’s own Luvable Dog Rescue generated more than $400 for our furry friends in need. The money will go towards much-needed supplies, equipment and maintenance essentials. The annual event brought out an amazing crowd of canine fans eager to drink some great Hop Valley beer in honor of a great cause. One dollar of every pint sold,... Read More

Hoppy to Give Back

There are few things we find more enjoyable and more rewarding than brewing extraordinary craft beer. One of those things, though, is using our passion to give back to great causes and organizations here in Oregon and throughout the Hop Valley universe. Hops that Help is our way of using wonderful, delicious, amazing craft beer to give back to those in need. Sometimes it’s for people and... Read More

Beer and Bratwurst: A Divine Pairing

While Germany is synonymous with both beer and bratwurst, the genius-inspired innovation to cook them together seems to have originated not in Europe’s most-populous nation but in early 20th century Wisconsin. Bratwurst itself is a German sausage usually made from pork, though occasionally beef or veal is used. The first appearance of the dish in the historical record traces all the way back to... Read More

Buy Me Some Peanuts and…Beer

Baseball and beer have enjoyed a long and beautiful relationship. From the familiar call of “Ice cold beer here!” as vendors shuffle up and down the aisles to legends of The Bambino’s all-night binges and Wade Boggs’ supernatural beer-drinking stamina, baseball and beer just go together. Heck, Major League Baseball’s Milwaukie Brewers are the only team in American professional sports to... Read More

The Refreshing End of the Stick

It’s hot at Hop Valley headquarters. Like blazing, scorching, record-breaking hot. But we’re coping thanks to beer. And popsicles. Okay, beer popsicles. In honor of #IPAday and beating the summertime heat, check out this recipe for some refreshingly frosty frozen concoctions featuring our delightfully tangy Citrus Mistress IPA. Perfect for chilling out and cooling down, these popsicles... Read More

A Music-Inspired Beer is Coming Soon

Hop Valley’s newest beer will help you kick out the jams Hop Valley’s latest beer release joins the ranks of Secret Chief Stout and Solid Baby IPA in its music-inspired origins. Divine Shine first debuted in the summer of 2016 as a special release brewed exclusively for back-to-back String Cheese Incident shows at The Cuthbert Amphitheater—Eugene, Oregon’s quintessential outdoor concert... Read More

Hoppin’ Into Summer

The Beer Days of Summer Afternoons at the lake. Bonfires. Lounging by the pool. Swinging in the hammock. Summer hikes. Soft breezes and long evenings. We love summertime at Hop Valley and have a great selection of sunshine-loving craft beers to prove it. These are the perfect companions for enjoying the warm rays and toasting to the days of shorts and tank tops. Delicious, always refreshing and... Read More

Hop Valley Gets Cheesy

Everyone knows that wine and cheese go together, but the potential for an amazingly delicious interaction between beer and cheese is too often overlooked—at least outside of beer cheese soup, anyway. But thanks to the lack of restrictions and seemingly limitless list of possible ingredients available to brewers to produce their craft, cheese-pairing nirvana is only a beer selection away. Beer... Read More

Grilling with Hop Valley – Part 2: Alphadelic Steak Salad

Remember the Alpha vinegar (Grilling with Hop Valley Part 1: Alpha Preparation) we made with Alphadelic IPA a couple of months back? Well it’s freshly ready and we’re going to put it to use making an out-of-this world grilled steak salad. Used in the salad dressing and in the steak marinade, the beer vinegar imparts a nice tangy blast of flavor into a bright and refreshing meal that’s... Read More

Reveal Your True Colors

Q: What happens when a brewery turns the controls over to bar owners, industry veterans and community leaders to create a special beer? A: Reveal! This all-new Hop Valley pale ale uses love as its first ingredient, community as its second then water, hops, barley and yeast to round out the balanced, delicious, highly drinkable profile. Available on tap and in 12-ounce bottles, you can find Reveal... Read More

BottleRock 2017 Gets a Taste of Everyone’s Craft

Nearly 3,000 craft-crazed fans at Napa Valley’s 2017 BottleRock festival used their photography skills and hash-tagging expertise to create a one-of-a-kind Hop Valley mosaic for attendees to savor and enjoy. In addition, of course, to the great Hop Valley beer that was available all weekend long. Featuring performances from Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Maroon 5, Foo Fighters, Macklemore,... Read More

Chef-Style Sloppy Joes

Sloppy joe sandwiches have been an American favorite for generations. This recipe, created by chef Serenidy Pries,delivers a gourmet version that’s perfect for potlucks or parties and incorporates a Hop Valley classic—Citrus Mistress! A long way from the boring ground beef and bland sauce on a soggy bun you might remember as a kid, this one-pan recipe is a quick, easy, flavorful... Read More