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Civil Ale: the Valedictorian of the Craft Class.

As lovers of everything about craft beer, we’re fortunate in Oregon to have one of the state’s flagship universities solidly in our corner. Oregon State University’s Fermentation Science program is one of the only programs of its type in the nation and helps prepare students for careers dedicated to the art and science of using microorganisms to craft beer, wine, cheese, yogurt and other foods and beverages.

One of those former students is head brewer, Hop Valley co-owner and proud alum Trevor Howard. When the opportunity arose to collaborate with the Fermentation Science program on a new beer, Trevor jumped at the chance to give back and help students with some hands-on learning. The result is the latest creation from Hop Valley’s Pilot Playground: Civil Ale.

Dedicated to Oregon ingredients, this Bright Pale Ale is built around the Full Pint malt and both Nugget and Meridian hops—all three of which were developed at Oregon State University. After an initial successful test brewing on Oregon State’s two-barrel system, a larger batch was brewed on the 15-barrel system at Hop Valley’s Springfield Pilot Brewery.

Though the brewers weren’t sure exactly what to expect flavor-wise when they originally conceived Civil Ale, the final product showcases a smooth malt profile with biscuity, somewhat earthy notes. The Nugget and Meridian hops provide a bright orange citrus aroma.

Look for Hop Valley’s latest limited-edition release on tap at the following places:









Grants Pass





Civil Ale goes great with tailgating and celebration fare, from spicy chicken wings and savory burgers to hearty soups and chili. Grab a Civil Ale today and salute an Oregon-brewed original.