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Macho Libre: Taste the Freedom

Roughly translated as “free man” in Spanish, Hop Valley’s Macho Libre will leave you feeling decidedly liberated.

Taking inspiration from the colorful and entertaining world of Mexico’s lucha libre (“free fight”) wrestling tradition, Macho Libre hits your taste buds like a powerslam move from the top rope.

 The brewers use a tag-team of hops to take on the malt, resulting in complex flavors typical of Double/Imperial IPA styles while still keeping welcome drinkability as the main event. You won’t be pinned by unnecessary showmanship, distracting gimmicks or cheap shots, just a great beer with a hop-forward signature move and the sharpness you’d expect from one of Hop Valley’s heavyweight contenders.

While the luchadores may keep their identities secret behind their iconic masks, Macho Libre puts it all out there and doesn’t pull any punches, round after round.

Jump in the ring with Macho Libre today and taste the freedom for yourself.