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Light Me Up Red: A Weekend Warrior’s Best Friend

It’s Sunday morning. Your head is pounding and your eyes are watery. It might hurt to move and you curse yourself for regretfully having one too many. You tell yourself to “toughen up.” Because it’s the last day of the weekend and you have important things to do. Like watch football, or get to that yard work you’ve been putting off. Or maybe you committed to brunch a few weeks ago and now you’re seriously asking why you aspire to be such a socialite. It’s times like these that a little “hair of the dog” might be just what the doctor ordered.

While we never mean to overindulge, sometimes it happens. We all know about the classic Bloody Mary as a hangover remedy, but sometimes we’re just not ready to brave the commitment to vodka. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our take on a red beer mixed drink. Our Light Me Up Red takes on the spicy, tomato-filled profile of a Bloody Mary but leaves you feeling refreshed with a little bit of carbonation and the crisp taste of our Light Me Up Lager.

Whether you’re lounging on the couch this weekend watching football, rearranging brunch plans or simply savoring that last day of the weekend, a Light Me Up Red Beer mixed drink is the perfect companion.


Light Me Up Red Recipe:

Grab a 16-ounce glass and add:

Garnish with stuffed jalapeno olives. Stir and enjoy!