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If Craft Beer Were a Buddy Cop Movie: Introducing Mango & Stash IPA

Is Hop Valley’s all-new Mango & Stash IPA the ultimate in smooth, bright, fruit-infused craft beer?

Is Tango & Cash the ultimate in over-the-top buddy cop movies of the 1980s?

You see how these questions basically answer themselves.

We know you remember the flick. Buzzing, screen-chewing, in-their-primes Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell busting heads, cracking wise and getting on each other’s nerves as they move from one delightfully excessive action sequence to the next seeking to take down an evil drug lord (Jack Palance!) who framed the two competing LAPD cops for a murder they didn’t commit. All interspersed, of course, with extraordinarily impractical and borderline hare-brained scenes that are both awesomely absurd and astonishingly unforgettable.

So just like our new beer. Nobody knew we needed Tango & Cash until it lit up the big screen as the very last action movie released in the 1980s (seriously). And we didn’t know we needed Mango & Stash until we looked at a heaping pile of Mosaic Cryo Hops® just about the time someone cracked open a fresh bottle of mango juice and that intoxicating tropical fruitiness lit our brain sensors up with an idea:

No, we wouldn’t frame them for murder, but we’d definitely bring these two colleagues together to battle the evils of thirst and wearied taste buds that afflict too many craft beer fans across our beautiful nation. After all, this is America. If Raymond Tango and Gabriel Cash can escape from prison, unravel the conspiracy against them and decimate the bad guys with the help of an “RV from hell” all while having their exploits continually splashed across the front page of the daily newspaper (it was the 80s), we can create a smoothly delicious India Pale Ale that offers intense Cryo Hops® working in perfect harmony with some sweetly tangy mango purée.

I mean, duh.

Rest assured, this whole Mango & Stash IPA thing does not “$%#!@*& suck!” (Geez, Cash, even we know you can’t say that to the judge.) It’s not “bad cop and worse cop.” It’s a fantastically fun and particularly pleasing marriage of fruit and flower personalities that may not be natural allies but sure come to love each other as they make the world a more satisfyingly flavorful place for the rest of us. High-five. (An overdone, uncomfortably emphasized freeze-frame of a high-five.)

When you need some tasty refreshment and no matter who or what you need to visit, you take the zip line and bring the chainsaw and we’ll bring the beer – Hop Valley’s all-new Mango & Stash IPA (6% ABV 30 IBU). Available now in six-packs of 12oz bottles.