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Hoppin’ Into Summer

The Beer Days of Summer

Afternoons at the lake. Bonfires. Lounging by the pool. Swinging in the hammock. Summer hikes. Soft breezes and long evenings.

We love summertime at Hop Valley and have a great selection of sunshine-loving craft beers to prove it. These are the perfect companions for enjoying the warm rays and toasting to the days of shorts and tank tops. Delicious, always refreshing and brewed with hands-on care, these four selections are sure to have you jamming on that summer-loving vibe.

Light Me Up Lager. In our opinion, this is how a light-bodied American lager should taste. Clean, crisp and simple. Adding a bit of flaked rice during the brewing process ensures a pleasing dryness that leads to a refreshing, hop-kissed finish. Coming in at just 4% ABV, look for this one in the always-popular 16oz “pounder” cans.

Blonde. Golden-colored ale? Yep. Rich, beautiful white head when poured? You know it. A touch of wheat malt and a mix of Oregon’s own Cascade and Willamette hops? Of course. World Beer Cup™ medal winner? Darn right. This easy-going blonde ale has become a classic summertime favorite for all the right reasons.

Hefe. Our take on the delectably cloudy Hefeweizen, this American wheat beer is as smooth as your favorite waterslide. A touch of spice, a hint of tart and plenty of creamy goodness make this one a go-to selection when the mercury rises and the swimsuit is calling.

Citrus Mistress. Our other World Beer Cup™ medal winner, this American IPA ranks as one of Hop Valley’s most popular beers no matter the season. But it really shines in summer thanks to four different hops, Munich malt and the addition of grapefruit peel that creates an intensely satisfying bouquet of citrus, peach and tropical notes.

Whether your summer beer tastes range from dry-loving lager to wheat-crazed Hefewiezen to more intense IPAs, Hop Valley has your perfect summertime beer match. One thing to keep in mind as you venture forth this season with six-pack in hand: don’t litter. Few things break our heart more than seeing a Hop Valley can or bottle or beer cap carelessly left behind and not recycled or disposed of properly. Let’s all do our part to pick up after ourselves and keep our world clean and green!

Here’s to sunshine, great times and great craft beer. Hoppy summer everyone!

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