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Hop Valley Teams up With Luvable Dog Rescue

Founded in 1999, Luvable Dog Rescue has been dedicated to re-homing dogs who have been rescued from high-kill shelters where they had little chance of being adopted. For the past few years, we’ve been proud at Hop Valley to have found such a “luvable” partner in the community. You may have heard of Luvable Dog Rescue through our event earlier this year, Hops for Hounds.

Luvable’s motto of “Place, Pack and Purpose” guides their rescue philosophy. “Place” refers to the peaceful and beautiful 55-acre wooded sanctuary which transforms neglected dogs into happy and healthy companions. “Pack” (both human and canine) refers to healing teaching, and socializing the dogs so that they can succeed in their eventual forever home. “Purpose” refers to reinforcing the dog’s desire to be loving companions and family members.

Recently, ABC News featured Luvable and their unique quality of housing their dogs in cottages instead of kennels. Six unique cottages exist to house the dogs on the 55-acre property. Each cottage is complete with heating and air-conditioning, is brightly painted and features donated furniture and a lot of TLC. 

Unfortunately, due to the recent ice storm that hit Eugene, Luvable was without power for six days and suffered incredible damage to the property. According to KEZI 9 News, “The aftermath of the storm left branches and fallen trees littered around their property, resulting in crushed fences and some damage to their dog cottages as well.” Although the power has been restored, it will take considerable work and money to repair the property back to its original state.  

Because of the amazing and tireless work that Luvable performs 365 days of the year, we’ll be giving 25% of any dog leash or collar sold to Luvable Dog Rescue. We also will donate $5 back from any dog bandana sold! If you’d like to make a direct donation to Luvable, click here or visit 

Thomas Boyd/AHMBrands

A young Hop Valley Dog in training