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Hop Valley Distribution Expands to Las Vegas and Arizona

As of March 1st, Hop Valley is now available on tap and in bottles and cans in the Entertainment Capital of the World and in Arizona’s two most-populous metropolitan areas. Following successful expansion into Washington, Idaho and California, our distribution will now include Las Vegas, Nevada and Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona.

Citrus Mistress IPA, Alphadelic IPA and Alpha Centauri Imperial IPA will initially be offered to these new markets, along with a changing selection of seasonal beers.

We’ll be partnering with distributor Bonanza Beverage Company in Las Vegas and with Crescent Crown Distributing and Finley Distributing in Arizona. Products will be available on tap at restaurants and bars and in both bottles and cans at local grocery stores, convenience markets and bottle shops.

We are incredibly stoked about entering these new markets and bringing the Oregon flavor of “Everyone’s craft” to more beer enthusiasts than ever. Cheers!