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Hop Mixer IPA Variety Pack is the Best in the West

We really didn’t see this one coming.

In 2017, Hop Valley’s “Hop Mixer” IPA variety pack was the best-selling new item in the Western United States. In all of beer.

Yeah, we had to let that sink in for a second too.

Our mission at Hop Valley is delivering thirsty craft beer fans the best products we possible can and we’re both thrilled and humbled to see the Hop Mixer IPA variety pack make such a huge impression on craft beer lovers in Oregon, Washington, California, Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado. From the bottom of our fermenting tanks to the tips of our tap handles, thank you for making Hop Mixer’s debut the best it could possibly be!

“Our Hop Mixer IPA variety packs are crushing it across the West,” says Walter Macbeth, Hop Valley partner and vice president of sales and marketing.

As he puts it, the packs give “craft beer consumers exactly what they want, four unique IPA styles: Northwest (Alphadelic IPA), West Coast (Citrus Mistress IPA), the smoothest Imperial IPA on the planet (Alpha Centauri) and one more limited release imperial IPA selection you can only find in this 12-pack.”

Perhaps more amazingly, the Hop Mixer IPA variety pack bested new releases from other breweries despite Hop Valley not being available in the West’s largest single market—Southern California. Encouraged by the success of the 12-packs, Hop Valley also offers a Hop Mixer IPA 24-pack for bulk and club stores such as Costco.

As Hop Valley celebrates its ninth year of brewing Northwest craft goodness from its home base in Eugene, Oregon, developing and releasing innovative products remains a crucial part of the brewery’s character.

For 2018, craft beer consumers can enjoy two new beers that Hop Valley has added to its core lineup of can offerings and both bring something unique and creatively distinctive to the craft beer scene.

For Divine Shine, it’s a tasty and balanced marriage of beer styles that offers a heaven-sent punch of flavors while retaining an approachable 4.5% ABV. Multi-grain, multi-purpose and unfiltered, Divine Shine is best described as a hybrid ale, delivering the drinkability of an American Blonde, the creaminess of a Hefeweizen and all the hop aroma of a Northwest Pale.

The second addition—Bubble Stash IPA—has already won gold at the 2018 Best of Craft Beer Awards. Featuring the pioneering use of concentrated Cryo Hops, Bubble Stash lies in the sweet spot between traditional IPAs and American Pale Ales and has been dazzling craft beer fans with a smooth, clean body featuring amplified flavors and aroma notes of tangerine, blueberry and bubblegum.

And aside from the beer itself, Hop Valley has also been working on innovative ways to serve it. Baseball fans at Seattle’s Safeco Field and at San Francisco’s AT&T Park have been enjoying Hop Valley craft beer served from our exclusive “Hop Boxes” for a season or two now. These upcycled, bright green shipping-containers-turned-concession-stands will soon be arriving at three new stadiums: Anaheim, California’s Angel Stadium, Phoenix’s Chase Field and Denver’s Coors Field. It’s Northwest craft beer meets America’s pastime.

Thanks again for helping Hop Valley get off to such an exciting start in 2018! You’re the reason all of this happens and we quite literally couldn’t do it without your help and support. Stay tuned for more hoppy-ing news from Hop Valley soon.