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Honoring the Timeless Mimosa Cocktail, Hop Valley Style

For almost 100 years, the Mimosa cocktail has been synonymous with special occasions—from Mother’s Day and Christmas to Sunday brunch. The classic concoction of equal parts champagne (or sparkling wine) mixed with orange juice is light, features a tantalizing balance of bubbles and sweetness and is perhaps the most traditional alcoholic drink served during the breakfast hour.

For those occasions when you don’t have champagne on hand, or when you or your guests prefer something different, we’ve got you covered Hop Valley style. Introducing Hefe Mosa—our take on the time-honored Mimosa cocktail.

Make your own Hefe Mosa:

4oz Orange juice (chilled)

8oz Hop Valley Hefe (chilled)

Mix into your favorite glass, stir and enjoy!