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From Repeat to Three-Peat

Eugene and Springfield and the entire state of Oregon is blessed with a tremendous amount of truly phenomenal craft and microbreweries. From Portland south to Medford and from the Pacific Ocean east to the Snake River, our Pacific Northwest location is birthplace to some of the best beers on the planet. We’re proud at Hop Valley to be part of that heritage and to call Eugene and Springfield and Oregon home.

So it truly means the world to us when our hometown neighbors call us “best” or “favorite” or anything approaching that level of praise. That’s why we were about blown out of our brewing boots when word came down earlier this month that Hop Valley took top honors in Eugene’s Register-Guard Readers’ Choice Awards in the local “Microbrewery” category. For the third year in a row. It’s official: Hop Valley has entered three-peat status.

If that wasn’t enough, Hop Valley also received votes in “Best Sports Bar,” (first year) “Drinks After Work,” (four years in a row) “Lunch Place for Clients” (four years in a row) and “Outdoor Dining” (first year).

Whew, that is quite a haul of recognition. We don’t want to get too far ahead or too full of ourselves, but we really think we might be onto something with this whole “Hop Valley” thing.

Seriously though, we know what this is all about… You! Without you, what Hop Valley creates doesn’t even happen. Doesn’t even exist. Never becomes reality. And certainly never gets appreciated.

So thank you! We’re humbled that you make Hop Valley a part of your life. You’ve taken us camping in the mountains, hiking in the foothills and fishing in the valleys. We’ve weathered the rain and the sun and the snow together. We’ve cooled off together after a bike ride or an intense game of softball. You’ve shared us with friends and family and even a complete stranger or two. We’ve kicked out the jams together and have shared more than a few stellar meals together. Earning your devotion is our most important job and luckily it goes hand-in-hand with brewing some seriously good craft beer.

So we’re going to keep on doing the things that got us here: brewing deliciously innovative beer and beer that’s innovatively delicious, serving up great food and great times at great locations and never forgetting that craft beer does best when it’s short on ego but long on serving its fans and customers.

From all of us at Hop Valley and from the bottom of our fermenting tanks to the tips of our tap handles, thank you for the recent Register-Guard shout-outs and for sharing your enthusiasm for Hop Valley with the entire world! We quite literally couldn’t do this without you.