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For Those in the Know: Secret Chief

Who (or what) are the Secret Chiefs? Are they mystical, transcendent powers helping to guide the functioning of the universe, passing their wisdom, knowledge and enlightenment to the chosen few? Are they pure energy existing in a higher realm, or do they walk among us? Like other matters of the esoteric, it may forever remain a mystery.

What isn’t a mystery is Hop Valley’s newest release brewed in homage of the Secret Chiefs and their enigmatic, supernatural ways: Secret Chief Stout. Crafted in the tradition of the American Stout, Secret Chief is dark, roasty, toasty and tasty, pairing elements of time-honored tradition together with refreshing boldness.

A hearty, filling beer that warms drinkers from the inside out, this stout stands well on its own as you enjoy it by the fire, or pairs well with a great meal. Try Secret Chief with your favorite grilled foods or any style of barbeque to enhance and compliment the flavor profile. It can also serve as the ideal “secret” ingredient to give chili or a hearty stew a complexity and depth of taste that’s truly magical.

The next time you want to add a little mystery to your day or night, pour a Secret Chief Stout from Hop Valley. Pondering the riddles of life never tasted so good.