The Most Wonderful Time of the Beer

Celebrating the season with hard work, a little German engineering, and beer Craft beer lovers wait all year for the little window of time that’s upon us right now. You know the signs: The giddy feeling of anticipation. Smiles and laughter and the celebration of tradition and a special time of year. Toasts to good fortune and good friends. Sharing the reward of giving and receiving. The... Read More

If Craft Beer Were a Buddy Cop Movie: Introducing Mango & Stash IPA

Is Hop Valley’s all-new Mango & Stash IPA the ultimate in smooth, bright, fruit-infused craft beer? Is Tango & Cash the ultimate in over-the-top buddy cop movies of the 1980s? You see how these questions basically answer themselves. We know you remember the flick. Buzzing, screen-chewing, in-their-primes Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell busting heads, cracking wise and getting on... Read More

Reveal Your True Colors? How About Platinum?

Starting from a “Wouldn’t it be cool if?” conversation in a local bar, Hop Valley’s Reveal Pale Ale came to represent community, character and a darn fine beer. Reveal’s strength lies in its origins, where community leaders, bar owners from across the West Coast and beer professionals came together to create something unique and delicious that celebrates the true colors in all of us.... Read More

Same Mistress, More to Love

Straight from the garage of Head Brewer Patrick Whiting to Hop Valley’s production brewery, Citrus Mistress is a stone-cold craft beer classic. Arguably one of the first citrus-style IPAs to blow minds and pleasantly astonish taste buds, this award-winning (World Beer Cup® anyone?) mistress makes friends wherever she goes and remains one of Hop Valley’s most popular selections year after... Read More

Breaking Bread Hop Valley Style: Cheddar Chive Beer Biscuits

You already know that beer and cheese make for a great pairing. So we couldn’t wait to try out this hearty biscuit recipe that incorporates smooth and mild cheddar cheese, delicate and fragrant chives and creamy buttermilk with Hop Valley’s robust and balanced Alphadelic IPA. These biscuits make a fine addition to all kinds of meals. From roasted and grilled meats to seafood entrees to... Read More

Award Winner: Paint’n the Town Brown

You can’t keep a great beer down – Paint’n the Town Brown has returned! Like IPAs and pale ales, brown ales offer a tremendous amount of variety within a single style of beer. Back when the style was first developed by English brewers in the 1600s, “brown ale” referred to dark, mild ales brewed with brown malt. That relatively narrow definition continued until around 1800 when brewers... Read More

From Repeat to Three-Peat

Eugene and Springfield and the entire state of Oregon is blessed with a tremendous amount of truly phenomenal craft and microbreweries. From Portland south to Medford and from the Pacific Ocean east to the Snake River, our Pacific Northwest location is birthplace to some of the best beers on the planet. We’re proud at Hop Valley to be part of that heritage and to call Eugene and Springfield and... Read More

Very Important Brownies

Hop Valley Vanilla Infused Porter Brownies Recipe Beer and brownies? Beer in brownies? Hop Valley beer in brownies? Now you’re talking. Certain beers—particularly porters and stouts—make an ideal match for pairing with sweet treats like chocolate and cookies. (And brownies!) And compared to similar varieties, Hop Valley’s Vanilla Infused Porter (VIP) brings with it notes of vanilla, a bit... Read More

Hop Valley’s Pint for a Pint Makes Positive Difference

Give a Pint, Get a Pint Did you know that blood is needed in the United States every two seconds? Or that for roughly every seven people admitted to the hospital, one will need blood during their stay? The need for blood donations is a never-ending one. And since blood cannot be synthetically manufactured, the only place to get it is from donors. That’s where “Pint for a Pint” comes in. Hop... Read More

Hop Mixer IPA Variety Pack is the Best in the West

We really didn’t see this one coming. In 2017, Hop Valley’s “Hop Mixer” IPA variety pack was the best-selling new item in the Western United States. In all of beer. Yeah, we had to let that sink in for a second too. Our mission at Hop Valley is delivering thirsty craft beer fans the best products we possible can and we’re both thrilled and humbled to see the Hop Mixer IPA variety pack... Read More

Glass Up Your Drink: Choose The Right Glassware for Your Beer

Glass Up Your Drink: Choose The Right Glassware for Your Beer We preach it only because it’s the truth: a poured beer is a better beer. Good beer is complex in flavor, aroma and appearance and if you want to fully experience all the intricate characteristics that your favorite brew has to offer, be sure you pour it into the right glassware whenever you have the chance. Mugs, Steins &... Read More

Bubble Stash IPA Takes Home the Gold

The Best of Craft Beer Awards have grown into the third-largest professional brewing competition in the world, behind only the Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup. And just how large is that? Imagine this: 2,000 individual craft beer entries covering 156 specific styles (156!) from 44 states and three countries. It’s so much craft beer, it takes nearly 80 people three days to... Read More