Chef-Style Sloppy Joes

Sloppy joe sandwiches have been an American favorite for generations. This recipe, created by chef Serenidy Pries,delivers a gourmet version that’s perfect for potlucks or parties and incorporates a Hop Valley classic—Citrus Mistress! A long way from the boring ground beef and bland sauce on a soggy bun you might remember as a kid, this one-pan recipe is a quick, easy, flavorful... Read More

Foam on Beer: Facts about the Fizz

One of the things that makes beer unique from other alcoholic beverages is the effervescent fizzy sensation of abundant carbonation. Without those baby bubbles your beer would come off as lifeless and boring. You may know that all beer contains carbonation, but if you want to know how it gets there and just how important it is, read on. Carbonation itself is simply carbon dioxide gas (CO2)... Read More

Grilling with Hop Valley – Part 1: Alpha Preparation

While we do enjoy the cool, wet days of a Pacific Northwest spring here at Hop Valley headquarters, we can’t help but look forward to the most wonderful time of the beer: summertime! Because summertime means grillin’ and chillin’ in the sunshine while sippin’ some delicious craft beers.  We’re going to take our BBQ skills up a notch this year, and that means planning ahead. Over the... Read More

Let the anticIPAtion begin

Four Oregon originals. One box. Now available for the first time together, get four Hop Valley IPAs in one variety pack. The Hop Mixer 12-pack has three each of Alphadelic IPA, Alpha Centauri Imperial IPA, Citrus Mistress IPA and will keep enthusiasts guessing with a rotating “mystery” selection for the final three. First up: Macho Libre Imperial IPA. Each member of this hop-forward power... Read More

An American Pastime: Baseball, Peanuts and Beer

What could be better than baseball and peanuts? How about baseball, peanuts and beer? How about baseball, peanuts that have been cooked in beer, and beer? Now we’re talking. In honor of kicking off baseball season, we’re sharing this beer-infused recipe for boiled peanuts. Salty, a bit spicy, perfectly soft and oh-so delicious, boiled peanuts are synonymous with Southern cuisine. Add in a... Read More

Get Your Beer Degree: Studying to be a Cicerone

If knowledge is power, then being a Certified Cicerone® makes you a formidable force of information, expertise and insight when it comes to all things beer. We sat down with Hop Valley District Sales Manager, Specialty Brand Manager and Certified Cicerone® Brandon Ross to find out more about this in-depth program and what it means to become a certified beer professional. What is the Cicerone... Read More