The Specifics of Specific Gravity

Since Newton and the apple, humans have known about the invisible force of gravity that surrounds us. Gravity is crucial for our collective understanding of certain measurements. The weight of something, in fact, is just a relative measure of an object’s mass and the force of gravity being exerted on it at a specific time. This is why you’ll weigh more on Earth than in space, as the force of... Read More

Very Important Cookies

Beer and sweets often make great companions, working together and complimenting each other as they interact with your palate. This soft-batch cookie recipe features a healthy dose of Hop Valley’s Vanilla Infused Porter (VIP), giving the final treats some wonderful notes of vanilla, light cocoa and just a touch of toasty flavor. Some sweet creations to share with your sweetheart just in time for... Read More

Eight is Great: A Walk Down Memory Lane

Eight years ago on Friday, February 13th, we opened the doors to our brewery in Springfield, Oregon where we were equipped to brew 1,000 barrels of beer per year. It’s now the year 2017 and we couldn’t have predicted enjoying such stellar success in the craft beer world. From the bottom of our fermenting tanks to the tips of our tap handles—thank you for making the last eight years... Read More

Honoring the Timeless Mimosa Cocktail, Hop Valley Style

For almost 100 years, the Mimosa cocktail has been synonymous with special occasions—from Mother’s Day and Christmas to Sunday brunch. The classic concoction of equal parts champagne (or sparkling wine) mixed with orange juice is light, features a tantalizing balance of bubbles and sweetness and is perhaps the most traditional alcoholic drink served during the breakfast hour. For those... Read More

IBUs: Don’t Fall for the Numbers Trap

The world of craft beer is wonderfully complex. The sheer amount of possible ingredients and different brewing techniques means an almost limitless variety of flavors in our beer for us to taste and compare and enjoy. It’s understandable that we may develop “rules” for ourselves in order to help narrow our focus when faced with a selection of unfamiliar craft beers. For some it may be color... Read More

Alphadelic: The Story of a Northwest Classic

The year was 2009. Microsoft introduced us to Windows 7. Modern Family debuted on ABC, Avatar arrived in theaters and Slumdog Millionaire won Best Picture. Circuit City closed for good, Barack Obama accepted the oath of office and we said goodbye to analog broadcast TV as digital signals became mandatory nationwide. It was also the year Hop Valley opened its brewery and hit the shelves of Eugene... Read More