All Hop Valley beers are good and they’re all fresh, but when you want your beer face-slap fresh you want one of the special brews from our Eugene tasting room.  Below is what’s fresh on tap now, but they won’t last forever.  These are often so special they are brewed once then never again, if that makes any sense to you.  It makes perfect sense to us.

Lagers & Pilsners
  • Light Me Up Lager
  • Divine Shine
  • Blonde Ale
  • HEFE
  • Hop Valley Pale Ale
  • Bambino Stash IPA
  • Bubble Stash IPA
  • Citrus Mistress IPA
  • Alphadelic IPA
  • Cryo Stash
  • Alpha Centauri Binary IPA
  • Bullé Bullé - Simcoe
Porters, Stouts & Reds
  • Irieish Stout
  • Jorge Regula
  • VIP Vanilla Infused Porter
Seasonal & Specialty
  • Mild At Heart
  • Civic RevivALE
  • Cream 'Ale'dul Jabbar
  • Stay Pufft