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The Brewer’s Nano Series

The Brewer’s Nano Series is a small batch research and development system designed to promote and develop the production brewers at the Eugene production facility. Having the ability to tap into the creativity and passion of our talented production staff is a wonderful opportunity, not just for the brewery but our guests as well!

Between seasonal trends and internal inspiration, we will be bringing you rotating single release beers throughout the year, keeping the beer selections fresh, fun, and exciting! We greatly look forward to sharing our creations with you all!

The Brewers

Release List
Sunset Saison (Saison) Brewer

Shawn Thompson

Release date: 8.14.20

Neowise (Blonde ale) Brewer

Corey Ramage

Release date: 8.28.20

Lions Pride (Pale ale) Brewer

Shawn Thompson

Release date: 10.5.20

D’s IPA (India pale ale) Brewer

Damian Noske

Release date: 6.24.21

Sisyphus Slam Sauce (American Lager) Brewer

John Newton & Blaine Johnson

Release date: 7.14.21

Choco-hop Porter (American Porter) Brewer

Shawn Thompson

Release date: 8.23.21

The Blueberry Acid Test (Fruited Kettle Sour) Brewer

Laura Carney

Release Date: 9.24.21

Owlsome Sowlse (Pumpkin Brown Ale) Brewer

Dalton Behrens and Shawn Thompson

Release Date: 10.28.21