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What the deuce is the Hop Squad?

In its simplest form, the Hop Squad is an organic activation that occurs any time friends gather to watch sports and drink Hop Valley beer. Come to think of it, that’s its most complicated form, too.

There are no dues required of Hop Squad members. No board meetings to attend. Just games, friends and Hop Valley beer to be enjoyed. Who doesn’t want to belong to that squad?

Join the Hop Squad!

Or just, you know, follow us on social media.

How do you join, you ask? Just grab some friends and a sporting event, then cheer on your team as you pour out your favorite Hop Valley beer and your favorite team pours it on its poor opponent. Congratulations, you’re on the Hop Squad!

And, if you want to make it unofficially official,

Order your Hop Valley Game Day hat in your team colors here.