What’s the secret of our juicy-smooth, non-bitter line of Stash IPAs? One word: Cryo Hops. OK, two words. Actually, more like a prefix and a word. Whatever. Read on for true enlightenment.

Cryo Hops® History 101

Question:Who looks at a pile of hop dust that he has tossed in the trash routinely after brewing and one day asks, “I wonder if I can shake up the IPA world with this stuff?”

Answer: A Hop Valley brewmaster with a lot of curiosity and imagination, who’s maybe a little tired of sweeping up freakin’ hop dust. Knowing that dust was chock-full o’ the hop’s oily and aromatic lupulin gland, our mad beer scientist starts to experiment with it in the brewing process. The end result was Bubble Stash, an IPA so smooth and non-bitter it quickly became a best seller, spawned an entire line of Hop Valley Stash beers and created an entirely new IPA category.

Before that could happen though, we needed more of that green gold dust. So we turned to our friends at Yakima Chief, who developed a process for cryogenically freezing hops to preserve the structure of the lupulin glands, then form them into pellets. Thus was born the Cryo Hop and Hop Valley’s family of non-bitter, more-better IPAs.

Grab a Stash and taste for yourself. Just remember, you drank it here first.

1Harvest the Hops

2Deliver to Yakima Chief Hops

3Deep Freeze the Hops

4Shatter the Hops

5Separate the Lupulin Glands

6Package & Send to Eugene, Or.

7Brew with Cryo Hops®

8Drink the Cryo Hops®